A Pretty Peck of Perky Peppers

Well, I stumbled onto a great sale for red and yellow bell peppers recently. So, I Minnie-Pearled myself over to the colorful store display, and elbowed my way through the competition.
Most zealous shoppers were defeated. Most, that is, but for this cranky little matriarch, wearing an elegant black voile dress, lovely black pumps . . . and pink, spongy curlers in her hair. (?!)
"This ain't Opposite Day!" I softly murmured.

So this menacing, curler-wearing, heat-packin' (Bengay), wicked witch (well, if the broom fits!) with a None Shall Pass look in her eye, proceeded to blackball me, right there, in the middle of the produce department!
And, being the civilized one of the two (not to mention, the most frightened), I let her go nuts, and patiently waited my turn with a God-is-watching-and-taking-notes-Jezebel look on my face. Which I'm sure had no effect on her, whatsoever, but it was the best I could do, under the circumstances.

Fast forward to my safe return home. Once there, I sat and pondered how I was going to use my superabundant rainbow of peppers. Hold on to your seats, my friends, I made . . . soup, glorious soup!

Are you still with me? I hope the suspense didn't kill you. But, I like soup, and I really like red pepper soup, and I really, really like roasted red and yellow pepper soup. The recipe that follows can be used with either red or yellow peppers. I chose to make two separate batches, one red, one yellow, because I can.

Roasted Red (or Yellow) Pepper Soup

5 red bell peppers
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 medium red onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
pinch of red pepper flakes
4 cups chicken stock
Salt and Black Pepper

Slide the peppers under the broiler, skin side up, and grill until the skins are charred. Place the peppers in a plastic bag, seal and allow to stand about 15 minutes. Remove from the bag and peel away skins.

Heat the butter over medium heat. Add the garlic and chopped onion. Cook until onion is soft and translucent. Add the peppers, thyme, red pepper flakes, and chicken stock and simmer for 10 minutes. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor, and process until smooth. Return mixture to the pan and cook for another 5 minutes, or until the soup is hot. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serves 4. Recipe adapted (boy howdy) from Donna Hay's The New Cook.

To plate both soups, I decided to use two glass measuring cups to simultaneously pour each into shallow soup bowls. These were garnished with a sprig of fresh thyme and served with warm flatbread.

The flatbread dough was rolled out into an oval shape, about ¼" thick, and cut into the sides, using a pizza cutter, to resemble a leaf. Then, covered and allowed to rise about 45 minutes. And baked until golden. I'm not providing a recipe for flat bread because everyone has their favorite. Enjoy.


  1. when time prevails, and the stars line up, i love to come and enjoy your wit and brilliance, this ain't ops day had me howling! you sure can shake and bake it girl~ love your soup and bread, pure art... i have poured 2 soups simultaneously and never got your gorgeous fiery feathered sun, i just got nuclear waste...

  2. OMG Sol, that is a work of ART. Those colors are soooo pretty! It's the perfect thing for fall. You are so talented!

    I have an awesome recipe for a Grilled Tomato and Red Bell Pepper soup with Gilled Pancetta. It's souper easy (wink-wink) and it's an Emeril Lagasse recipe. I'll have to write about it on my blog sometime soon.

    BTW, how does one "Minnie-Pearl" herway someplace? I remember Hee Haw (vaguely), but only remember Minnie wearing those funny hats with the price tag still on.

  3. how absolutely gorgeous! I'm amazed by your elegant photos every time I'm here :) I've seen red and yellow pepper soup being combined together b4, but the leaf design of yours simply wins :D

  4. Jain, I hope you didn't throw away your yummy, nuclear waste soup, or as Sarah Palin would say: "Nukular." One thing I've learned with this technique is to avoid soups which are too runny, because they'll blend together on contact.

    Kathy, I hope you'll blog about that soup soon; I have pancetta and tomatoes, no peppers, obviously, but I can fix that.
    In regards to Minnie Pearl, I don't think I've ever seen her act, but, I distinctly remember her style, and how her eyes always disappeared when she smiled. But my brain will forever envision her character doing the Two Step.
    What else could she get away with in those ruffles and straw hat? ;-Þ

    NC, you're very kind. So, what did I win? ;-)

    Thank you dear friends. And have a great weekend!

  5. I would hesitate for a minute before "ruining" such beautiful creation with my spoon! :)
    Marysol, this is gorgeous. And the leaf flatbread is equally charming!

  6. Impressive presentation... just lovely. I would feel privileged to eat such an artistic creation.

  7. Very pretty, great presentation!

  8. Sol, I've never seen a prettier presentation of soup.

    Hmmm, it occurs to me the word 'soup' just does not do your work of art justice, at all.

    Brilliant method for shaping your flatbread, how ingenious is that?

    It's always such a treat to come peek in on your magical kitchen. :)

  9. dishesdone4/10/08

    Sol, you have such a way with words and food! Fantastic!

    how many cups of coffee have I had this morning if I can pronounce the letters on the word verification? I'm on my third try to post a comment, is it me or those letters?

  10. This is ONE FUNNY POST!I could picture this lady..I think I have seen her in my store!!LOL
    Your soup look wonderful and elegant!

  11. Patricia, I would love to say I am as patient. Although, I did make a few extra swirls in the soup before making it disappear, so maybe there's hope for me yet [G]

    Alexa and Nicisme, I'm saving your comment for my kids to read and take notes.

    Gee Mari, thank you, and peek in anytime!

    Carol, I'm laughing, and it's because I have similar issues with those blasted "verification" words.
    Just between us, I often take a wild guess, proudly thinking I've nailed the letters the first time . . . by the third try, my anger meter reaches the point of no return, inciting a whole new (and colorful) vocabulary.

    Leslie, there have been many Jezebel sighting reports from all across the country. That woman must be stopped and shipped to What Not to Wear. :-D

    Thank you all very kindly, for visiting me!

  12. wow, i love the plating of that soup! beautiful!

    thanks for visiting my blog. i personally did not care for the orange flavored pumpkin roll...if you are going to make one, i would make the traditional one! :)

  13. this isn't just simple cooking, this is art!! beautiful and delicious!

  14. Jaime, I'll heed your advice and make the traditional pumpking roll, although they both looked delish.

    Dhanggit, I'm so gosh darned flattered!

    Thank you both very kindly!

  15. Wonderful! Both the soup and breads look amazingly beautiful! What an artful way of cooking!



  16. That soup, it looks like a painting! I love the accompanying flatbread too. Almost too pretty to eat :)

  17. Thank you Rosa and Y; I'm blushing brighter than the red peppers in my soup [G]

  18. Oh wow, I'm not sure which I love more, the wonderful looking soup (colours are fantastic!), or the awesome leaf looking flatbread! What a fantastic fall meal. Wow!

  19. The soup is stunning and the leaf breads are so clever! I have to make a bunch of the breads for a fall meal.

  20. Love the presentation; those colours are gorgeous. I love roasted peppers...

  21. I feel like grabbing a spoon and diving into this stunning post! Your perky roasted red & yellow pepper soup is 'right up my alley'! I adore soup AND roasted peppers. Looks like this is going to be a favorite like your tomato tart! You certainly have artistic flair in the kitchen, dear friend ...

  22. Thank you Joey; I've had such a bad cold, and your post made me smile. And that's not the NyQuil talking.

  23. This is seriously beautiful! Wow, you are talented.

  24. Thank you kindly Noble.
    Indigo, Maggie and Jeanine, maybe it's old age, but I don't even how I missed your comments; I'd like to thank you all for having dropped by.

  25. Marysol,
    Thanks for your comment about my upcoming TV spots!!!!

  26. Oh wow! Your blog is amazing! You're not cooking, you're creating art here :)

  27. Marysol,
    Thanks for you comment on my dirtcaups and TV segment. Yes I did survive, but I was oh so nervous!

  28. Leslie, there was never any doubt you'd make it through that t.v. segment with flying colors! How cool.

    Dee, I appreciate your sweet comment, and really, I just love playing with my food [G]

  29. Marysol, the soup looks amazing! The whole presentation is so artistic! And I can imagine how wonderful it tasted.

  30. What amazing colours in that soup!

  31. Thank you very kindly Vera and Kevin; 'tis the season for warm, comfort foods.

  32. simply amazing. color me wowed!

  33. Marysol, what a lovely looking bowl of soup! that leaf is so nicely made. you are one huge talent, no doubt about it. I have been a lousy blogger lately but wait very soon I will be back:)

  34. Hi Celine!

    Fari, it's painfully obvious you haven't been the only lousy blogger. I've been feeling under the weather for the past few weeks, but I will be back very soon.

  35. Simply checkin' in, dear friend, hoping you are feelin' better. Forever it's worth, wishing you a 'Happy Halloween'. Thinking of you ;)

  36. Marysol, your soup and bread looks amazing!! You have true talent!! :)

  37. Oh Joey, your comment put me right into recovery mode. I hope your Halloween loot was as wonderful as you are.
    This year was the first time I didn't go Trick or Treating with my son; the way I looked on Halloween night, I would've been the scariest creature feature out there. Thanks my dear friend for thinking about me!

    And thank you Margot!

    Please allow me to apologize for my lack of entries for October. But I didn't think it was very wise to write while heavily medicated ... even if some of you might've found it amusing :-Þ