Ah Sandy, Thou Art a Heartless Wench

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this massive hurricane and its devastating effects; may you all regain some normalcy in your lives very soon. 

Hey gang, just had to take a moment to say hello.


And to apologize for my (almost year-long) absence. Long story short, over the summer, I sold the antiques business; hurt my leg; had dental surgery; had allergic reaction to antibiotics from said surgery, and have rested as much as possible.

As a result, I've gotten better. And in the process, I have also become fluent in Whiny.

I didn't have the opportunity to create a Halloween treat for you this year. So today, I will post some blasts   from the past on this dusty old blog. Just click on the images to direct you to each post. And please know, I have every intention of posting the buttercream tutorial I promised the last time I sashayed through.


 You might want to cover your eyes, as this photo is more unsettling than most. Here's Mason and the prancing little bird about to engage in a staring contest.

Any moment now...unspeakable horror...

Ok, you can open your eyes now. The bird won.  

 Best wishes from Mason and me,  for a happy  Hallowe'en!