Ah Sandy, Thou Art a Heartless Wench

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this massive hurricane and its devastating effects; may you all regain some normalcy in your lives very soon. 

Hey gang, just had to take a moment to say hello.


And to apologize for my (almost year-long) absence. Long story short, over the summer, I sold the antiques business; hurt my leg; had dental surgery; had allergic reaction to antibiotics from said surgery, and have rested as much as possible.

As a result, I've gotten better. And in the process, I have also become fluent in Whiny.

I didn't have the opportunity to create a Halloween treat for you this year. So today, I will post some blasts   from the past on this dusty old blog. Just click on the images to direct you to each post. And please know, I have every intention of posting the buttercream tutorial I promised the last time I sashayed through.


 You might want to cover your eyes, as this photo is more unsettling than most. Here's Mason and the prancing little bird about to engage in a staring contest.

Any moment now...unspeakable horror...

Ok, you can open your eyes now. The bird won.  

 Best wishes from Mason and me,  for a happy  Hallowe'en!


  1. Great to read you again and sorry to hear about what you went through lately... Hope you are doing better!

    Lovely creations and hypercute kitty!



  2. What a delight to visit with you! Suspenseful post... happy robin ending :)

  3. Glad you are back...and sorry for all you have gone through!
    We are suffering through the wrath of Sandy but everyone here is ok.

  4. Hello friends!

    This year's been a roller coaster ride, gone bad. But I hope to catch up with all of you, in the next few days.

    And btw, what happened while I was gone? My blog's in a new format. I hate change. But I'll get over it :)

  5. It's been toooooo long and I've missed your beautiful posts! So sorry to hear the reasons for your absence. Hope all of your Boo-boos are better :)

  6. I have missed you..
    Your whiny twin:-)

  7. Anonymous5/11/12

    I agree, way too long. I miss you Sol baby! Too many people have disappeared and your light in my world is a much needed thing. I can teach you all about reactions to antibiotics and whining. If you need lessons.
    Love, Rob!

  8. Anonymous5/11/12

    sol, my friend, I'm sorry you've been feeling less than your sunny and cheerful self. You know I'm not far away.....


  9. Aww, this is one of those moments when you wish that life had a PAUSE button.

    You're all pretty wonderful friends.
    I came, I read, I smiled. Thank you!

    Oh, and I voted! :) It's been a wonderful day. Hugs to every one of you.

  10. Was certainly wondering about you. Very sorry about all of your troubles and I hope you'll soon be back as yourself again and not a whiney butt. Thank you for thinking of me during Hurricane Sandy - hate to use the "B" word, but she sure was one in my neck of the woods. Thank the good Lord I will FINALLY get that buttercream recipe that I have been waiting so very patiently for. Now that I have power again, I might just bake a cake!

  11. Have so missed you, dear friend. Stay well ... I insist! Love hearing your feisty voice.

  12. Dear Woodie-Ann, I almost used the 'B' word (Bipolar, right?) on the title, but chose 'Wench' instead...for shock value.

    Mi amiguita Joey, I will do as you say! Hugs.

    Love to all my girlfriends, and guys too!

  13. I'm so glad that you're back! So sorry to hear about the health issues but it sounds like you've been so busy there! BTW Love your Halloween blasts from the past :D

  14. Hi..Happy Thanksgiving to youx

  15. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  16. Missed you over the year Sol, but then again, my year had a lot of sucky moments too. 2012 was not the highlight of a lot of lives it seems. But we forge on!

    I just made peppermint bark! yea me!

  17. I hope you're on the mend now.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Hello Marysol,

    I want to wish you and your family a lovely Christmas. I've missed your foodie posts. That hand is so freaky in the second picture. Did you make that?


  19. Maureen, I've had 2012 in a headlock since Jan. Just a few more days to a brand New Year! Hugs

    Gracias querido cubano, y feliz año nuevo a tí y a tu familia!

    Nancy, it's so good to see you! So, how long have you been seeing this hand you speak of? Warm hugs.

    I have missed you all so much. Happy New Year Everyone!

  20. Happy New Year:)
    Better than Happy new Year..Healthy and peaceful New Year to you and yours..


  21. Not sure how I missed this post, I've been looking forward to your posts for so long now. Wishing you and your beautiful family a very happy and healthy New Year!
    hey, I had a terrible reaction to penicillin so I went to an allerigst and found out I was no longer allergic to shellfish. Still working on the penicillin. Good luck with that! Hope the new year brings you all good things, Sol!

  22. Really beautiful pictures, Marysol. Glad to hear you're feeling better. And I'm looking forward to that buttercream tutorial!

  23. So I had dental surgery last year also and had a reaction to the antibiotics - I developed a really bad cough and couldn't walk for a week or so I got so out of breath. Better now, but wary of antibiotics...

    Happy New Year,


  24. Best wishes for 2013!

    I can't wait to read your future posts...


    Rosa xxx

  25. Thank you friends for your kind thoughts.

    Carol, your antibiotics story had a silver lining one rarely reads about. Take good care of yourself, girl.

    RMW, I'm glad your symptoms didn't last very long. But, you're right, this experience has taught me to keep a watchful eye on such routinely-prescribed meds.

    Waving to Monique, Jenny and Rosa!

    I hope this year is starting out splendidly (don't you just love that word?) for each and every one of you!

  26. Thanks for stopping by...
    Wow, you've had quite a year!
    Hope to see you back here soon...on a regular basis.
    I did copy your strawberry soup recipe...sounds delightful and PINK!
    Have a great week...

  27. Hi, Marysol, 

    It's always so lovely to hear from you! I'm missing your posts and the sunshine you bring with them.  I can relate to the digging in of hoofies. It's taken me a long time to get here.